Career Portal


Career Portal is the only web-based job application solution specifically tailored to the demanding needs of K-12 schools.

Career Portal is entirely web-based, requiring no problematic, time-consuming client installations, and consists of two separate web sites...

  • An Internet facing web site which potential employees use to complete their job applications ... See it the way your applicants will see it.
  • An Intranet (and optionally Internet) facing web site which administrators and other staff involved in the hiring process use to search for and evaluate potential candidates.

Career Portal works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Job applicants can fill out your job application in the leisure of their own home, at their own pace, ensuring they will provide the most accurate and detailed information available.

Career Portal eliminates the costly and time-consuming staff burden of copying, filing, and distributing individual applications and resumes to those responsible for hiring decisions.

For Prospective Employees

  • Accept comprehensive job applications over the web using a secure web site
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to any Internet connected computer
  • Clean, easy to use interface accessible by most Internet browsers
  • Assisted mode guides applicants through the application process ensuring they do not omit important information
  • Applicants can easily upload documents and images to be included with their application
  • Designed specifically for the needs of Tennessee educators incorporating Tennessee license, endorsement codes, and Career Ladder codes

For Human Resource Departments

If you needed to find a Tennessee Licensed, NCLB highly qualified High School Chemistry teacher with endorsement code 416, interested in coaching soccer, or heading up the yearbook staff, how long would that take using your current system? With Career Portal, it's only a search away.

  • Search for applicants using virtually any piece of applicant supplied information
  • Tag applicants for later retrieval or printing using virtually unlimited user defined tags
  • Flag applications to ignore
  • Print hardcopy applications
  • Record private notes with each application
  • Notes are automatically time and date stamped
  • Automatically retires stale applicants from the system
  • Notifies applicants using email before their application is retired from the system
  • Easily link your web-based job descriptions to the applicant portal

For Information Technology Departments

The administration website provides access to all staff involved in the hiring process with no additional client software installation required. Access controls allow you to provide different levels of access depending upon the user’s role in the hiring process. Active Directory integration is provided so your staff doesn’t have to remember yet another username and password. External non-Active Directory users are fully supported as well, so you can involve outside parties in your process. 

Career Portal uses Microsoft SQL Server for application data and document storage, so backups slip right into your normal back process.

For large organizations, Career Portal is scalable, allowing each web site and the SQL server to be installed on a separate computer or cluster to distribute the workload. For smaller organizations, all web sites and the SQL server can be installed on a single Windows 2003/2008 server.

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Server (any edition) with IIS 6.0 and Dot Net Framework 2.0+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or Microsoft SQL Server Express Advanced
  • A Secure Socket Layer certificate for the web server from a Root Trusted Certificate Authority is highly recommended, but not required


Career Portal
…it has been one of the smoothest implementations I have experienced in my 23 year career. The user interface works flawlessly and the backend administrative portal is very easy to learn and use.

Beverly Miller
Technology Coordinator
Greeneville Tennessee City Schools

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