Policy Portal



Policy Portal is the third in Alliance Technology's series of web portals.

Policy Portal is entirely web-based, requiring no problematic, time-consuming client installations, and consists of two separate web sites...

  • An Internet facing web site to display your policies either in a standalone web site or IFRAMEd within your own website. In either use, it is highly customizable using templates and CSS stylesheets.
  • An Intranet (and optionally Internet) facing web site which administrators and other staff use to create and maintain your policies.

Policy Portal uses a library metaphor allowing you to create multiple policies, each contained within a library. Each library may contain multiple sections containing multiple policies.

A robust security model allows you to centrally control who has what level of access to each library. And, as with all of our portal products, it is completely integrated with Active Directory and also supports non-Active Directory accounts as well.

All administrative access is completely audited and the system even generates a complete edit history of each and every policy element. A policy can be rolled back to any point in time at any time. Policies requiring periodic review can be set to automatically email users before the review process is required.

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Server (any edition) with IIS 6.0 and Dot Net Framework 2.0+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or Microsoft SQL Server Express Advanced
  • A Secure Socket Layer certificate for the web server from a Root Trusted Certificate Authority is highly recommended, but not required


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