Password Self-Service Portal


PSSP provides your Active Directory users with a secure and easy way to reset their forgotten password without burdening your IT staff. Even in a small organization, resetting forgotten passwords can be a time-consuming weekly task. With PSSP, you can nearly eliminate it by providing your users with a web-based portal which allows them to perform the task themselves.

PSSP works by asking your users several personal questions which they have previously provided the answers to. If they successfully answer the questions, their Active Directory password is reset and shown to them on the screen.

The number and content of the questions the users must answer is completely configurable by you. And, when deployed with SSL, it can be securely accessed over the Internet.


Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Server (any edition) with IIS 6.0 and Dot Net Framework 2.0+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or Microsoft SQL Server Express Advanced
  • A Secure Socket Layer certificate for the web server from a Root Trusted Certificate Authority is highly recommended, but not required
Career Portal
…my staff use to spend several hours a week resetting forgotten passwords... with PSSP, that time is now put to better use...

Brandy Shelton
Technology Coordinator
Rogersville Tennessee City School

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